Company History of N. J. Shaum & Son based in Flagstaff, AZ

N.J. Shaum & Son, Inc. began as a family business in the early years, a tradition which continues to this day. Born during an era of war and difficult times, the company has weathered periods of economic down turns as well as economic prosperity during its 75+ years in the business world.

Nelson J. Shaum, Sr. founded the company in the spring of 1941 after some older businessmen of Flagstaff, encouraged him to go into business for himself. Originally, the company was based in Holbrook, Arizona, where there were no electrical contractors other than the local utility company.

Shaum found favor with the utility in providing a much needed service for electrical contracting and the utility turned over all their non-utility work to Shaum. By the fall of 1941, the war effort of World War ll was starting to make supplies hard to come by, so Nelson Sr. closed up shop in Holbrook and relocated to Phoenix to make his contribution to the defense effort.
In the summer of 1944, Shaum once again returned to Flagstaff. The company had found its home in the Northern Arizona community that Shaum Sr. and his family loved. After the end of World War ll, Nelson J. Shaum, Jr. returned from the Navy and took up his role in the business along side of his father. In the early 1950’s, Frank Patton Sr., who was a cousin of Nelson Jr's wife, joined the company and later became a partner. Frank Patton's many years of service and contributions to the team were key to the long -term success of the business. Projects successfully completed during this era included electrical work on houses, small commercial buildings, sawmills and planing mills.

By the mid 1960's, the company was working on most of the larger electrical projects in the Northern Arizona area, including projects at NAU, Ralston Purina, various sub- stations and the Page Power Plant. The 1960's and 1970's saw the company grow to become the largest electrical contractor in Northern Arizona.

During the 1980's and 1990's, the company grew under the guidance of Nelson J. Shaum, lll (Jake), as the third generation of Shaums worked at continuing the tradition of excellence the public has come to expect from N.J. Shaum & Son, Inc. In the early 1990's, Frank Patton Jr., the current president of N. J. Shaum & Son, inc, joined the company as an electrical engineer with experience in the high voltage field. Throughout the years, NJS has flourished with the leadership provided by other members of the Shaum and Patton families, as well as the valuable contributions of long-term dedicated tradesmen and employees.

Going forward and building upon 75 years in business in keeping with the original mission of Mr. Shaum, Sr.: N. J. Shaum & Son, Inc. continues to strive to be on the forefront of electrical construction in Northern Arizona. NJS provides many digital services to enhance the fast-paced nature of the current construction environment such as BIM service, digital takeoffs, and on-site digital drawings for field personnel.